Solar System Mistakes You Must Avoid

As you plan to install solar panels in your home, it is necessary to ensure that you get the best ones. It is important you understand some of the basic things that will assist you to get the best results. The good thing is that if you make the right decision, you will enjoy using the panel for a long time and have energy efficiency in your home. There are certain mistakes you should avoid to get the desired results from the panels you buy. Here are the solar mistakes you should avoid when making your investment.

Too many estimates

It is advisable that you get several quotes so that you can make comparisons and make the right selections. However, if you go overboard and get a lot of quotes, it also means that you are highly likely going to make mistakes in the process. With the high-level competition in the market, you will find that there are those who have been forced to sell the panels at a very low price to keep up with the competition. In most cases, such cheap options also compromise quality to afford to sell them at such a low price. If you get a lot of estimates, you might end up falling victim to such providers meaning you are bound to make great mistakes in the process.

Selecting the wrong installer

You might have high-quality solar panels, but if they are installed wrongly, it means they will not serve your needs in the right way. The biggest mistake you can make is working with the wrong installer. In most cases, you will make the wrong selection because of the failure to consider the necessary factors during the selection process. It is good you work with an installer with more than five years in the business, charge a reasonable price, has a good reputation and understand the goals you want to attain with the panels. Do not try to save by working with the cheapest installers because this is where you might begin your problems.

Wrong size of the system

Another great mistake that many homeowners make is installing solar panels that are oversized. Despite that, it is necessary to have panels that will serve all your current and future energy needs; you have to be careful and avoid going for an oversized system. If you get panels that are producing a lot of energy, it means that most of the energy will go to waste. Note that the higher the size of the system, the higher the cost, so there is no need for you to pay a higher price for things you do not need. As your solar installer for advice on the right size that will serve all your energy needs effectively.

Battery discharge

The longevity of your battery will be highly determined on how it is used. It is a great mistake to allow your battery to discharge beyond 50 per cent of their ability. If you allow this to happen, it means that your battery will last for a few years and you will be forced to go back to buy another.

Understanding The Solar Installation Process

If you have realised that solar energy is the best solution to your power woes, understanding the solar installation process is very critical. Failing to realise that the solar installation process requires a few essential steps to be strictly followed might result in you not liking the result. So to ensure that you get the best from the solar installation ventures, you need to make sure that you are well informed. This article provides you with critical things that you should understand as far as the solar installation process is concerned.

Roof Assessment

The first step is to carry out a roof assessment. The company doing the installation needs to make sure that your roof is in good condition. This is important as it is done to rule out the chances of you having to disturb your panels after they have been installed as this can have undesirable implications. The other reason why roof assessment is critical is that it enables the installer to understand the solar panel design that will suit your roofing systems. The engineer might need to measure your roofing system for flawless installation of the solar panels.

Design Approval

Once the solar installation company has assessed your roof, the next thing that they are supposed to do is to recommend the possible designs that can be adopted. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to decide on the roofing design that you will choose. A good installation company should explain to you the best designs that you can adapt based on the design of your roof. You approve the designs give to you, then next step ensues.

Paperwork and Permits

The next thing is to contact the relevant authority and inform them of your plan to install solar panels in your premises. While in most cases it is your installer who is responsible for these permits, it is important to ensure that you have all the copies for the same. This is even more important if you plan to sell the premises after sometimes. If an installer is not keen to help you about the solar work, then that is a sign that they might not be able to offer you quality solar installation services that you deserve.

Solar System Equipment

Once you have obtained the permit, the installer goes ahead to order for solar installation equipment. One of the factors that will influence the type of equipment is the solar design that you approved. It is important to be close to your installer to make sure that you understand the quality of the panels that they intend to install. The quality of the panels will always have a direct impact on the amount of energy that you will be getting and this is why you should treat seriously.

Installing the Components

Once the installer gets the equipment to the premises, the next thing is to have them installed. The entire installation process does not take a lot of time. It can take 2-3 days to have it completed. It all depends on the complexity of the design that you choose.

How To Select The Best Solar Panel Installer

When you want to install solar panels in your home, you should make sure that the work is done in a way that ensures they work perfectly. There are different things you can do to ensure there is a proper installation of the panels. One of the most critical ways is to make sure you work with the best solar panel installer. There are many installers in your area, but getting the best among the many requires you take reasonable time and make good comparisons. To ensure you get the best solar panel installer, here are a few things for you to do.

Check reviews or recommendations

A perfect way to begin your search is to look for an installer by asking those who have solar panels installed incorrectly in their homes. You can ask other homeowners, friends or relatives for the best recommendations. It is also possible to get a right installer by reading the many reviews given by those who have worked with the different installers in their homes. Look for an installer with many positive reviews for providing highly satisfactory results. Working with the one with the highest number of positive reviews is a sure way you also get highly satisfactory results.

Knowledge of different design and brands

A good solar panel installer must have high-level knowledge of the wide range of brands available in the market and how they work. They should know the characteristics of the different brands and how each of them should be installed. Besides, the installer should know the disadvantages and advantages of the different solar panel types. They need to understand your specific concerns and needs regarding solar energy. Depending on your specific needs, they should be able to recommend the right panels for your specific needs.


In most cases, solar panels have a warranty ranging from twenty-five to thirty years. The warranty includes repairs that might be required. Besides, there is a workmanship warranty covering the laminate and glass components of the solar panel. It is rare for these parts to be damaged, but if it happens they generating a capacity of the solar panels can get diminished. So, you need to look for an installer providing the different warranties.

Does your installer outsource?

Most of the solar panel installation companies nowadays outsource the services to sub-contractors. This is why it is vital to understand if your installers do outsource their installation services. It is good you work with a company that does not outsource because the installers outsourced might lack the right experience and training in this field. If you have to work with outsourced installers, make sure they have all the required expertise and skills. Check their experience level, accreditation, customer service provided, warranty and others. The most important thing is to ensure you only work with an installer who can meet your specific requirements.

Installation charges

Look for an installer with a price that suits your budget. Do not opt for the cheapest, because they might offer low-quality installation services. On the other hand, a high price is not an indication of high-quality work.

Critical Factors To Consider Before Doing Solar Panel Cleaning

Having invested a lot of money buying and installing a solar panel in your home, you need to do perfect maintenance of the entire system. Failure to do proper maintenance might affect the quality and functionality of the system. You end up not getting the desired value from your investment. One of the most effective ways of doing maintenance is regular solar panel cleaning. Cleaning the solar panel makes it look new and functional for a long time. However, before you do the cleaning, there are several factors you need to put in mind because solar panel cleaning is not just any type of cleaning you do in your home. Here are some of the most critical factors.

Work with the best expert

Your solar panel is very delicate in the way it is designed. A simple mistake during the cleaning process might lead to its malfunctioning. Therefore, you should never try to do the cleaning by yourself. Besides, you should also not just trust any expert who promises to do a perfect job on your behalf. You should only work with the best solar panel cleaning expert in your area. Look for reviews and get recommendations regarding the best expert or company you should entrust the cleaning job. Make sure that they have a vast experience, training and a good reputation in the industry. Another critical thing you should not forget to check if they have general liability insurance coverage. This cover is critical because, in case of any fault or damage that occur during the cleaning process, you get compensated.

The objective of doing the cleaning work

There are several reasons you might decide to do solar panel cleaning. It is good you factor in the primary goal you want to attain by doing the cleaning work. Inform your expert, so that they understand how to do the cleaning and be able to assess whether your objective is achieved. For instance, if you suspect there is some dirt that has accumulated inside the panels, make sure that expert knows this so that they can remove such dirt completely. On the other hand, if you notice some form of malfunctioning, it is necessary for your professional understanding, so that they can do the cleaning and further check-up.

Cost of the cleaning task

It always makes sense to pay more for a solar cleaning task that is done perfectly, than pay less and get substandard results. Thus, you need to set aside a good amount of money in your budget for the task. Work with the best solar panel cleaners who do not charge a very low price and offer poor results. Do market research to understand the price charged by the best experts, so that you organise your budget in the right way.

Have a solar panel cleaning schedule

With the help of your expert, you can develop a good schedule on how you want to undertake the solar cleaning task. Unless in case of an emergency, it is critical you do regular cleaning on the panels to enhance their functionality.

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How To Enhance The Functionality And Durability Of Your Solar Panels

Buying and installing new solar panels in your home is a great investment decision. It is an investment that does not only ensure that you are independence in energy but has cost benefits involved. At first, it will be a bit expensive buying and having the panels installed, but in the long end, you reap the cost benefits involved. However, to enjoy all the benefits provided by the solar panels, you need to take proper care for them. The following are some of the ways you can enhance the functionality and durability of your solar panels.

Proper maintenance

To ensure that your investment does not go to waste, it is critical to have the solar panels appropriately maintained. Lack of appropriate maintenance might lead to damages that might lead to inefficiency or total malfunction of the panels. You need to work with your solar panel provider to offer you the maintenance work. The solar panels require to be inspected regularly to find out if they have problems that need to be fixed immediately. You should consider your solar panels as you do to all other investments such as cars or other machines. With proper maintenance, your panels can last for more than twenty years without any issues.

Leave your solar panels to an expert

One mistake that most property owners make is trying to handle the solar panels by themselves. It is not advisable because you might have limited knowledge on how they operate. The best option to enhance their performance and durability is to Territory Solar Darwin to deal with all the issues. In case of repair, inspection or maintenance let your expert offer you all these services. A solar panel expert will provide you with the right advice and take the right actions that will boost your solar panels lifetime.

Perform all repairs immediately

At times you might realise that your solar panels are not working efficiently. Most people ignore such minor issues because they do not stop the solar panels from serving their purpose. However, it is crucial to know that such minor problem might end up escalating to significant issues leading to total malfunctioning of the solar panels. Therefore, to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your panels, you should have all the problems regardless of their size dealt with immediately.

Do replacement when necessary

In case you have several solar panels that work simultaneously, one of them might get damaged. To continue enjoying the same level of energy efficiency from the panels, it is wise you replace the one that is not working well with a more functional one. This is good to ensure that all your energy needs at home are met adequately. If it is possible for the damaged panel to be repaired the better because it will cost you less. Your solar panel expert will offer you advice on the right action to take.

Note that by taking good care of your solar panels, it means that you will continue enjoying the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Solar Energy

5 Most Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

Solar Energy Panels

A lot of people would still hesitate to have solar powers installed in their homes because of some disadvantages they often hear. But what they do not know is these most of these are just misconceptions and are not even a problem of having solar powers at home! Here are some of the common misconceptions on solar energy.

It’s Costly

Other people might think that paying for a solar panel is a bit too much. Yes, getting a new solar panel may be a bit costly at first considering you need to buy all the materials needed which may cost a big amount. But if you do the math, you will see that it will be more cost efficient in the long run since there will be cut down on the price of electricity you pay for monthly. It may not show up as fast as your first few months of using, but you will surely see its results on your budget in the long run.

Doesn’t Work When Cloudy

People think that the sun needs to be visible for a solar panel to work. However, this is not true. Solar panels only need to capture the sun’s rays to work and convert them to electricity. Even on cloudy times, there are still some rays of light from the sun that can go through and reach the panels. MDB Solar Adelaide explains that these little rays can still work and be used to convert to energy. So, it is not true that solar panels do not work on cloudy days, they still work, but they can only capture secondary rays compared to sunny days.

Solar Panels in Clody Day

No Electricity At Night

This is only true when you do not have electricity storages and if you directly use electricity straight from the panel. But usually, solar panels come with storages where they keep excess energies which can later be used when the sun is no longer out. So, if you think that your house will all be dark during the night because solar panels won’t work, you need to make sure you have a storage area where you can keep energies to be used in the evening until the sun comes back out again.

Warm Climate Is Needed

Solar panel gets their energy from the sun, but some people think that heat is also a factor needed to convert them into electricity. As mentioned earlier, solar panels only need the sun’s rays and not the heat or warmth. So as long as there is sun present in your place, solar powers should work well. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a cold area, as long as the sun is present, solar energy is possible.

ROI Takes Too Long

Some people tend to get impatient in calculating how long it takes to get the return of investment they have on installing solar panels. But they should not only look at the next few months, but they should also take into consideration the next years and more in calculating their return on investment. If they count it all, they will have more than what they predicted. All they need would be a lot of patience is waiting for the return of investment.

These are only a few of the many misconceptions people have on solar panels. But with a lot of reading and research on testimonials, you will surely learn that there is a lot to learn about these technologies.


New Technology In Solar Power – A Haven Of Possibilities

In the beginning, the sun has been used as a source of lighting for man. As man broadened his horizons and conquered new realms, the need for more light grew. As the primary beacon of light, the electric light bulb made it possible for people to engage in many other activities even after the sun sets. However, because of new technology in solar power, the light bulb is starting to fear for its future.

Scientists estimated that if just one-tenth of one percent of the sun’s energy could be harnessed and converted into electricity, the world could be powered without dependence on non-renewable fuels. Today, existing solar power technology only collects about six percent of the available energy from the sun. Yet the good news is that new technology in solar power is now developing studies and tests to understand how to capture the invisible sunlight to collect more energy from the sun.

Through the use of solar cells converting sunbeam into electricity, current methods of gathering energy from sunlight are based on the amount of visible light. Recent advances in a new technology in solar power involve nanotechnology, which when used with spray-on polymers, can create a solar panel that also detects the ultraviolet energy and converts it into electricity.

Advances Promise A Bright Future

Researchers of this breakthrough technology in solar power claim that an electric car painted with this coating could produce enough power to keep its batteries continuously charged. Another deduction is that a jacket coated with this polymer could supply enough power to operate a cell phone. Additional advances in new technology in solar power promise the reality of harnessing up to thirty percent of the sun’s energy in the future.

Hybrid lighting systems are also part of the new technology in solar power. This system merges solar power and electricity to provide interior lighting. Sunlight is collected in a parabolic dish, much the same as signals for satellite television, and then directed on a fiber optic array that carries the light into the same area as the electric lighting, helping to provide the needed illumination.

When the sun shines brighter and more light is transmitted through the fiber optics, computers read the room’s brightness and adjust the amount of electricity used on the light bulbs through the use of light sensors. The system dims the electric lighting when the fiber optics provides more light and brings back their brightness level when the sun is not as radiant. This latest innovative system is in limited use in some office settings. Apparently, more research and improvements are still to be done to increase the popularity of new technologies in solar power but with a couple advances well on its way for the ready use of man, the future of solar energy holds limitless possibilities.