How Summery Days In Cairns Affect Aircons

Working on a 90-degree day has never been easy. Most if not all people would feel a bit sluggish with such conditions in play. The high levels of heat and humidity tend to force more effort on any activity being carried out. The same applies to air conditioners operating in these conditions. Just like humans, it could go on the fritz (if so, hire RNR air-con services) or seem to need as much relief from the heat as you do. Temperature, airflow and humidity play a crucial role in determining how your AC unit operates. Below is a break down on how these factors affect your AC on a hot day.

1. Heat

An air conditioner consists of two heat exchangers. This primarily makes it a heat transfer system. First, the AC captures warm air in your home’s interior and then transmits it to the condensing unit located outside the house. Secondly, the AC conditions the air outside to be cooler while coming inside the house. With such configurations in play, your AC has to work twice as hard on a hot day. On such a day, more heat enters the house (i.e. through the windows) which needs to be eliminated. Still, the air outside is hot which makes it very difficult for your AC to eject the heat as it is supposed to. To maintain a cool environment inside the house, an equilibrium between the interior and exterior air temps is necessary. On a hot day, both settings have hot air. This makes it hard to have a cool internal environment since the airflow only involves hot air.

2. Airflow

Airflow is a crucial factor in determining your AC’s level of performance and efficiency. Reduced airflow leads to an increased temperature of lubricating oils in the compressor, which ultimately causes the AC to break down. Poor airflow arises when the air circulation is blocked. This means that your AC will have to work twice as hard to provide the desired indoor conditions. One of the leading causes of air blockage is plants and shrubs jammed inside the condenser. As such, it is advisable to check from time to time that your landscape is trimmed and not encroaching towards the condenser in any way.

3. Humidity

The feeling of moist air on a hot day has never been pleasing to anyone. It makes most people feel even more heated. The same applies to your AC unit. When the humidity in the house is too high, obtaining the most favourable indoor conditions is difficult. Air conditioners provide that cooling effect by removing excess heat and moisture present in the air. High humidity levels mean that your AC would have to work twice as hard for you to be comfortable. If it lacks sufficient cooling capabilities, it may be unable to deal with such conditions. You would consequentially have to suffer from undesirable conditions like sweating, fizzy hair and clammy skin.

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