Solar System Mistakes You Must Avoid

As you plan to install solar panels in your home, it is necessary to ensure that you get the best ones. It is important you understand some of the basic things that will assist you to get the best results. The good thing is that if you make the right decision, you will enjoy using the panel for a long time and have energy efficiency in your home. There are certain mistakes you should avoid to get the desired results from the panels you buy. Here are the solar mistakes you should avoid when making your investment.

Too many estimates

It is advisable that you get several quotes so that you can make comparisons and make the right selections. However, if you go overboard and get a lot of quotes, it also means that you are highly likely going to make mistakes in the process. With the high-level competition in the market, you will find that there are those who have been forced to sell the panels at a very low price to keep up with the competition. In most cases, such cheap options also compromise quality to afford to sell them at such a low price. If you get a lot of estimates, you might end up falling victim to such providers meaning you are bound to make great mistakes in the process.

Selecting the wrong installer

You might have high-quality solar panels, but if they are installed wrongly, it means they will not serve your needs in the right way. The biggest mistake you can make is working with the wrong installer. In most cases, you will make the wrong selection because of the failure to consider the necessary factors during the selection process. It is good you work with an installer with more than five years in the business, charge a reasonable price, has a good reputation and understand the goals you want to attain with the panels. Do not try to save by working with the cheapest installers because this is where you might begin your problems.

Wrong size of the system

Another great mistake that many homeowners make is installing solar panels that are oversized. Despite that, it is necessary to have panels that will serve all your current and future energy needs; you have to be careful and avoid going for an oversized system. If you get panels that are producing a lot of energy, it means that most of the energy will go to waste. Note that the higher the size of the system, the higher the cost, so there is no need for you to pay a higher price for things you do not need. As your solar installer for advice on the right size that will serve all your energy needs effectively.

Battery discharge

The longevity of your battery will be highly determined on how it is used. It is a great mistake to allow your battery to discharge beyond 50 per cent of their ability. If you allow this to happen, it means that your battery will last for a few years and you will be forced to go back to buy another.