How To Select The Best Solar Panel Installer

When you want to install solar panels in your home, you should make sure that the work is done in a way that ensures they work perfectly. There are different things you can do to ensure there is a proper installation of the panels. One of the most critical ways is to make sure you work with the best solar panel installer. There are many installers in your area, but getting the best among the many requires you take reasonable time and make good comparisons. To ensure you get the best solar panel installer, here are a few things for you to do.

Check reviews or recommendations

A perfect way to begin your search is to look for an installer by asking those who have solar panels installed incorrectly in their homes. You can ask other homeowners, friends or relatives for the best recommendations. It is also possible to get a right installer by reading the many reviews given by those who have worked with the different installers in their homes. Look for an installer with many positive reviews for providing highly satisfactory results. Working with the one with the highest number of positive reviews is a sure way you also get highly satisfactory results.

Knowledge of different design and brands

A good solar panel installer must have high-level knowledge of the wide range of brands available in the market and how they work. They should know the characteristics of the different brands and how each of them should be installed. Besides, the installer should know the disadvantages and advantages of the different solar panel types. They need to understand your specific concerns and needs regarding solar energy. Depending on your specific needs, they should be able to recommend the right panels for your specific needs.


In most cases, solar panels have a warranty ranging from twenty-five to thirty years. The warranty includes repairs that might be required. Besides, there is a workmanship warranty covering the laminate and glass components of the solar panel. It is rare for these parts to be damaged, but if it happens they generating a capacity of the solar panels can get diminished. So, you need to look for an installer providing the different warranties.

Does your installer outsource?

Most of the solar panel installation companies nowadays outsource the services to sub-contractors. This is why it is vital to understand if your installers do outsource their installation services. It is good you work with a company that does not outsource because the installers outsourced might lack the right experience and training in this field. If you have to work with outsourced installers, make sure they have all the required expertise and skills. Check their experience level, accreditation, customer service provided, warranty and others. The most important thing is to ensure you only work with an installer who can meet your specific requirements.

Installation charges

Look for an installer with a price that suits your budget. Do not opt for the cheapest, because they might offer low-quality installation services. On the other hand, a high price is not an indication of high-quality work.